Drone Mapping &
3D Reporting Tool

TRIK is the best BIM software for structural inspection.

We use advance photogrammetry for automatic 3D modelling. Together with our customised 4D data management system, TRIK automatically turns drone photos into an interactive 3D model.

All data are stored on the 3D model, which can be use to search back for original photos, compare structural changes and create maintenance plans.

Make the most out of your drone data. Get TRIK.

What do you do with your drone data?

Thousands of images are meaningless without the right tool to manage and utilise them.
We have been working with drone operators, inspectors, surveyors and asset owners to develop the best drone software for structurural inspection. TRIK is establishing a new way to manage inspection data in 3D and digital format.

It's time to change the way you manage your 3D data. Get TRIK.


Because we can do what others can't

Search Photos
from 3D models

Use the 3D model to search for relevant images, measurements and reports

Turn 3D Notes into
Printable Reports

Automatically convert 3D models
and 3D comments into printable reports

View via webapp (online)
or from a USB (offline)

Store data offline to view on any device, no software installation required

And, we keep on innovating

4D database

Turn 360 footage
into 3D model

in VR/AR

3D mapping

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"Drones can assist in inspecting large structures; reducing time, cost and the risk of operating at height. I believe humans should not be working at height if a robot can. Our mission is to enable anyone to use drones to assist their task. Join us to change the world. Get TRIK."


Pae Natwilai Utoomprurkporn
Founder and CEO